Mother Goose on the Loose: Mondays @ 10:30 – (Register infants to age 3)

Welcome to Mother Goose on the Loose, a fun-filled thirty minute interactive session that uses rhymes, songs, puppets, musical instruments, and more to stimulate the learning process of babies and toddlers.  Please feel welcome to stay after the session to allow for playtime and socializing for all ages.

Please register online or give us a call.   You may join mid-session.


• Phonological awareness — Being able to hear the beginning and ending sounds that make up words will help children sound out words when they begin to read
• Print motivation — Children who enjoy books and reading will be curious about how to read and will read more
• Print awareness — Children become familiar with how books work
• Vocabulary — Children need to know the meaning of words to understand what they are reading

*Check the calendar icon link for registration or details.  Call and ask for Kathy Watson, Youth Services Director, for questions regarding this class.
603 362-5234