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Understanding Bobcats in New Hampshire ~ NH Fish and Wildlife Stewards (Register to attend) @ 6:30 on Thursday, 2/20/2020

Have you seen a bobcat in Atkinson? Did you know there are bobcats in Atkinson? Do you want to know more about these amazing animals? If so, come join us as a New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife Steward shares information about bobcats in the state. Learn about the natural history of the elusive cat, its habitat needs and the status of the population. Also, hear about the amazing federal funding… Read more

Michelle’s Menagerie: Saturday, December 7, 2019 @ 1:30 PM (Register All Ages)

Michelle DeBye, FrankieJoin us as we welcome back Michelle’s Menagerie! We will have real live animals inside the library! Interact with the animals up close and learn lots of amazing animal facts. You don’t want to miss this exciting and educational program! Michelle’s Menagerie combines entertainment and education to create an exciting learning experience that will long be remembered! All programs provide an opportunity to learn about animals and their importance in… Read more

Outta this World Ice Cream & Animals: Wednesday 7/31/19 (ALL AGES) @6:30PM *It’s ON Rain or Shine*

We will use creative space if it’s stormy out.  Please come bearing patience.  🙂 Summer reading participants and their families are invited to enjoy our annual ice cream sundae extravaganza! Summer reading participants will have first dibs on the sundae line, and then other guests are welcome to join them.      After you make your sundae … McDonny’s Farm will bring along a cool petting farm, which includes bantam chickens, assorted… Read more

Zoo Creatures: Saturday, Dec 1st, @1:30 PM (Registration Required)

Zoo Creatures Saturday December 1st, 1:30-2:30 @ Kimball Library Zoo Creatures will be here!  REGISTRATION is REQUIRED. Zoo Creatures boasts that they captivate our audiences with an outstanding display of exotics, presented in a safe, fun and informative manner. The educational shows promote awareness and respect for all living things, and feature the most diverse collection of exciting reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and much, much more! Animals are displayed in a show-and-tell format,… Read more

Animal Puppetry (Grades 1-5) March 1st @ 3:00-4:00 PM

The setting is winter time. The characters are winter animals. What happens in the three scenes of your puppet show is up to you! Write down an outline of your show, plan your dialogue, and perform your show for your friends. Students must be able to read and write basic sentences. Please register grades 1-5. Learn some puppeteer tricks. Practice and Plan. Put on a puppet show! REGISTER HERE.… Read more

Winter Animals with Squam Lakes Natural Science Center: Wednesday, February 28, 2018 @6:30 PM (Register grades K & Up)

This is an educational event presented by Squam Lakes Natural Science Center.  The topic for the evening is an ‘Animals in Winter’ program that features three animals- an hibernator, a migrator, and an active animal.  Squam Lakes Natural Science Center presents programs featuring live animals and are led by their expert naturalists. We think you will find it informative and inspiring.   This program is registration only.  We will not deny… Read more

Excrement ROCKS! Thursday, July 19th @6:30 PM (Grades K-5)

Not for the faint of heart… this evening is going to be all about POOP! Bring a nose clip if you have a sensitive sense of smell because we will have some REAL samples to view, identify and compare (but not touch- EWWW!) We’ll learn about the biological processes of digestion and excrement as well as learn some interesting facts about species that use their poop in useful or different… Read more

Michelle’s Menagerie: Weds, Feb 27 @ 6:30pm (Register: Event geared to Grades K-6)

MOSTLY MAMMALS:  If you really want to learn about mammals, this is the program for you.  Mammals are fascinating animals that are covered with fur or hair.  You will learn about the many different types of fur.  This show contains seven mammals and one surprise guest that will not be fluffy, furry, or covered with quills!  The seven mammals are: chinchilla ferret cavy hedgehog rabbit domestic descented skunk tenrec And… Read more