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CBD 101: Demystifying CBD ~ (Registration Required) @ 6:30 on 1/30/2020

There has been a lot of information lately about CBD. Deborah A. Fudge, D.C. & Doug Fryday, D.C. will be discussing: What is CBD? The history of hemp. Why is there so much stigma around CBD? Hemp vs Marijuana – what’s the difference? The Endocannabinoid System. What is Endocannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome? About the presenters: Dr. Deb Fudge and Dr. Doug Fryday are wellness lifestyle experts who have been in practice… Read more

The Keys to Public Speaking No-One is Talking About with Linda Ugelow ~ (Register Please) @ 6:30 on 2/13/2020

linda-ugelowJoin us as Linda Ugelow techniques and methods to speaking confidently in every situation. Learn tips and tricks to feeling more confident, relaxed, and natural in public speaking. The program is free and open to the public. It’s your turn to get up to speak and that familiar rush of adrenaline takes over your body. We are told that fear is inevitable and we either push through it or avoid… Read more

Understanding Bobcats in New Hampshire ~ NH Fish and Wildlife Stewards (Register to attend) @ 6:30 on Thursday, 2/20/2020

Have you seen a bobcat in Atkinson? Did you know there are bobcats in Atkinson? Do you want to know more about these amazing animals? If so, come join us as a New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife Steward shares information about bobcats in the state. Learn about the natural history of the elusive cat, its habitat needs and the status of the population. Also, hear about the amazing federal funding… Read more

Tuesday Movies ~ 1:00pm

FILMfallFEATURE FILMS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE The Goldfinch ~ January 7th This is the film adaptation of Donna Tartt’s globally acclaimed bestseller. One 13-year-old boy’s life is destroyed in a matter of seconds when his mother perishes in a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Afterward, he is forced to start his life over. Placed with a wealthy family, he grows up in the shadow of the horrific tragedy… Read more

Craft, Paint and Color (Adults) ~ Fridays, 10:30 – 12:30

Come unwind, de-stress and create every Friday at 10:30. In this fun Friday meet-up, folks dabble in painting, coloring or creative crafting using oil, acrylic, watercolor, pen and pencil. They work on canvas, wood and sketchpads and coloring books. Research shows that creative activities help you relax. This is an open time so feel free to stay the entire time, leave early or come late. Remember this is a no… Read more

Do You Know Where Your DNA Is? Presented by Albert E. Scherr, Professor of Law ~ (Registration Required) @ 6:30 on Monday, 1/13/2020

DNApuzzleThe genetic future is now. It is very likely that some commercial, medical research or governmental entity has either your DNA sample or your genetic information. And, you don’t know it and may not even know that they have collected and stored it. Do You Know Where Your DNA Is? takes you through the current state of forensic DNA technology, genetic genealogy, familial searching and wrongful convictions based on post-conviction… Read more

Healthy Appetizers for the Holidays Challenge~ (Registration Required) @ 6:30 Monday, 12/16/2019

appetizer-1386743_640Join us for a ‘Healthy Appetizers for the Holidays Challenge”. We will be using Kimball Library healthy cookbooks, magazines and on-line magazines from Overdrive.  Browse our Kimball collection and online resources and choose a “Yummy” appetizer to try out at home and then make some extra to share with the group. Bring samples to share and copies of what you made so others can go home and recreate your delightful… Read more

How Does DNA Help Your Genealogy Research ~ (Registration Required) @ 6:30 on 11/25/2019

DNA testidna2ng estimates the ‘degree of relatedness” between individuals rather than names in a tree. This talk will introduce how DNA can help the genealogist fill in family trees, confirm relationships, break down brick walls and suggest new directions for traditional genealogical research. A basic strategy to begin analyzing DNA for genealogy will be presented. The talk will cover admixture/ethnicity estimates, the basic biology and terminology used in analyzing… Read more

The Connecticut: New England’s Great River ~ (NH Humanities) Register to attend @ 6:30 on 11/7/2019

ConnecticutThe largest river in New England rises in a small beaver pond near the Canadian border and flows over 400 miles through four states, falling 2,670 feet to the sea through America’s only watershed-based national fish and wildlife refuge. Adair Mulligan leads an armchair tour of this great river in New Hampshire and Vermont, exploring its history and natural beauty through the seasons and among the communities that have sprung… Read more