What’s the History of Your House? Thursday, 11/2/23 at 6 PM

The best thing about tracking down the history of a house is that your research subject usually stays in one place! And yet, house history projects give us the opportunity to access and explore records we also see in genealogical projects: newspapers, land deeds, city directories and more. Join us as we track the history of a local Masonic Lodge and delve into the history that is underfoot each day.


Presenter, Erin E. Moulton writes books and tracks dead people. An incorrigible story lover, Erin is the author of Flutter, Tracing Stars, Chasing the Milky Way and Keepers of the Labyrinth. In addition to her creative pursuits, Erin has over 12 years of experience tracking down interesting real-life questions at the reference desk and is a librarian and genealogist.