Tag: Teen Summer Reading

Stellar Sweets, Chocolates in Space: Tuesday 8/6/19 (Register T/weens 10-19) @6:30PM

Did you know that chocolate has been a part of every Russian and American space voyage?  Did you know that astronauts recently did some experiments with chocolate to see if microgravity allowed for finer mixing of the ingredients?  T/weens will soon know this and more by joining Mike Cross (Department of Natural Sciences at Northern Essex Community College) as we explore the DELICIOUS topic of chocolate, a stellar sweet! Admission… Read more

Taiko ROCKS Performance (All Ages): Wednesday, July 18th 6:30-7:00pm

MORE THAN JUST AN INSTRUMENT Taiko drumming is about bringing together communities and sharing experiences that emphasize the significance of diversity and cultural exchange. Through learning taiko, we develop one heart, one sound, one drum; even when there is more than one drum being played.  Join us for this amazing demonstration.  This performance will be held in the Courtyard. Youth may register for a workshop following the show starting at… Read more

Taiko Workshops ROCK (Register by Age): Wed, July 18th 6 OR 7 PM

This Japanese drumming workshop is designed to do the following: – introduce participants to the history of taiko – improve self confidence, communication, and self-awareness – allow participants to become immersed in Japanese culture – provide participants a way to tap into their own unique creativity – work up a sweat by playing big, loud drums and; – HAVE FUN!! We have TWO great workshops for TWO different age groups!… Read more

Ukuleles ROCK (T/weens Register Grades 4 & UP) Tuesday, June 26th 6:30-7:30pm

Have you ever wanted to learn the ukulele? This instrument is among the easiest to learn and fun to play, making it a popular choice for all ages! You will come away from this hands-on, 45 minute workshop knowing basic chord forms and everything you need to know to play some simple two to three chord songs. Dazzle your friends, family and yourself with your new found musical talent. If… Read more