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Australia ROCKS (Grades K-5) – Monday, July 23, 6:30-7:30pm

Dot paintingToday we ‘ROCK’ down under in Australia! There’s plenty to do with stories, craft and food! Try your hand at dot painting and see what you create! Try¬† our samples of fairy bread while you’re here. It’s delicious and you’ll want to go home and make it yourself! Register youth entering grades K-5 in the Fall of 2018. This is a LIBRARIES ROCK summer reading program.… Read more

Taiko Workshops ROCK (Register by Age): Wed, July 18th 6 OR 7 PM

This Japanese drumming workshop is designed to do the following: – introduce participants to the history of taiko – improve self confidence, communication, and self-awareness – allow participants to become immersed in Japanese culture – provide participants a way to tap into their own unique creativity – work up a sweat by playing big, loud drums and; – HAVE FUN!! We have TWO great workshops for TWO different age groups!… Read more