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All Gave Some: An Oral History Of The Vietnam War ~ Thursday 11/9/2017 @ 6:30 PM

FILM Registration Requested. Produced by Timberlane Regional High School students and staff. Local men and women who experienced firsthand the war or who felt a strong connection to the Vietnam era, share their personal experiences through pictures, artifacts and oral history.We hope that you will plan to join us for this thought provoking and powerful film but if you cannot, you can also view it on Vimeo by clicking (here)… Read more

Galileo Galilei, The Starry Messenger ~ @ 6:30 on Thurs. 10/19/2017 (Registration Requested)

Join us for thSM observinge living history presentation, Galileo Galilei, The Starry Messenger, presented by Michael Francis.  Galileo (dressed in 17th-century costume) arrives to present a public lecture on his most recent discoveries made using his newly devised spyglass. As he describes those discoveries, Galileo’s new method of observation and measurement of nature become apparent. Throughout the presentation audience members are actively involved in experiments and demonstrations. After the lecture,… Read more

A Visit From Abraham Lincoln ~ (Atkinson Historical Society Program) – Thurs. 10/12/17 @ 6:30

e6431388960e13064a07437b2b50d0e2Join us for a visit from Abraham Lincoln, portrayed by Steve Wood. Mr. Wood’s characterization of Abraham Lincoln begins by recounting Lincoln’s early life and ends with a reading of the “Gettysburg Address.” Along the way he comments on the debates with Stephen Douglas, his run for the presidency, and the Civil War. Steve Wood, a graduate of the University of Maine, School of Forestry, worked for nearly thirty years… Read more

A History of Atkinson ~ Thursday, 8/3/2017 @ 6:30

  250thPlease join us for some local history with a panel discussion on interesting historical anecdotes related to Atkinson history.  The panel will be led by Steven Lewis who has 35 years of experience in the building industry in and around Atkinson and southern New Hampshire.  Joining Steve on the panel will be Atkinson Historical Society members Adele Dillon and Elli Zaremba as well as Atkinson resident Richard Pyne. Stories… Read more

The Old House Whisperer ~ Thursday, 6/15/17 @ 6:30

The Atkinson HistoricaJohncolel Society is sponsoring John Cole, aka the ‘Old House Whisperer’ Mr. Cole will give an illustrated presentation of some of the older homes in Atkinson. Atkinson is celebrating its 250th anniversary this year and Mr. Cole will review some of our historic homes and their varied architecture. John is an authority in the field of historic American houses and enjoys sharing this passion with audiences of… Read more

Meet Lucy Stone: Enter the Antebellum World of the Abolition and Women’s Rights Movements ~ Thursday, April 20th @ 6:30

Lucy Stone jpgJoin us for as we travel back in time in our national history when a married woman did not have legal rights to the money she earned, the property she inherited, or the children she bore. During this same era citizens of the United States thought it a legal and rational pursuit to buy and trade human beings. Lucy Stone, born in Brookfield Massachusetts 1818, decided it was time for… Read more

Hike to the Big Ash Tree ~ Saturday, May 6th @ 10:00

hikingThis year will be the 250th Anniversary of Atkinson and so we thought it was fitting to celebrate what is on our own conservation land. Join us offsite on Saturday, May 6th at 10:00 as Kevin Martin, author of Big Trees of New Hampshire takes us on a hiking adventure to the Big Ash Tree on the Sawyer Conservation land in Atkinson. Assisting Kevin on the walk will be Pete… Read more

Wicked Pissed: New England’s Most Famous Feuds – Ted Reinstein Author Visit – March 23rd @6:30pm

Join us on March 23rd, 6:30pm-8:00pm to meet award winning author Ted Reinstein! From sports to politics, food to finance, aviation to engineering, to bitter disputes over simple boundaries themselves, New England’s feuds have peppered the region’s life for centuries. There are even some that will undoubtedly outlast the region’s ancient low stonewalls. For instance, did you know that the Breeds and the Bunkers are still fighting over a hill?… Read more

Storytelling Through Traditional Irish Music ~ Monday, March 6th @ 6:30 pm

irish music jordanJoin us for an evening of toe-tapping traditional Irish music, storytelling and songs of emigration with Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki. An award-winning fiddler, Jordan will relay some of the adventures, misadventures, and emotions experienced by the Irish emigrants. Focusing on songs about leaving Ireland, the reasons for leaving, revealing what happened upon arrival to a new country, and exploring the universal feeling of homesickness of a stranger in a strange land, Jordan… Read more

Flight of Remembrance: A WW II Memoir of Love and Survival ~ Nov. 3rd @ 6:30

kirschJoin us to hear Marina Dutzmann Kirsch, the author of Flight of Remembrance: A World War II Memoir of Love and Survival, the true narrative of her family’s experiences against the backdrop of World War II tragedy and devastation in Latvia, Poland, and Germany. The author will discuss the book’s subject matter, protagonists, sources of inspiration, and special research accompanied by World War II era photographs. ABOUT THE BOOK: Written… Read more