Tag: All Together Now 2023

All Together Now with KEITH MUNSLOW (Comedy, Art, Music): Wed, 7/19/23 @ 6:00 PM

In his highly interactive triple-whammy show, Keith delivers fun, funky music, lightning-fast cartooning, and hilarious stories that will have grown-ups laughing as much as the kids! Keith’s rhythmic piano playing, on-the-spot improvisations, and quick wit combine for an interactive, upbeat, positive experience. His work reflects real-life experiences of kids and families with honesty, humor, and a keen eye for detail. It’s a fast-paced ride, so hang on and don’t blink… Read more

Lindsay’s Puppet Pals: Wednesday 7/12/23 @ 6 PM (Preschool & Up)

Lindsay is back with her puppet pals! Who will she bring by this time? Lindsay Aucella’s comedic animation and timing, high energy, and uncanny knack for silly voices electrifies young crowds (and mastery of gentle crowd control will bring them back!) She believes the visual and interactive nature of puppetry can access the imaginations of even the youngest children. Through thoughtful storytelling she hopes to inspire creative play and pro… Read more

Flossy Friendship Bracelets (Gr. 3+) Thursday 7/20/23 @ 4 PM

Kids entering gr. 3+ in the fall are invited to join us to learn how to make friendship bracelets using floss. Kids can either bring their own floss or choose from what we provide. If bringing your own, we suggest bringing 3 different colors. First we will go over a few different patterns, and then we will work on our own bracelets. Register to attend. REGISTER HERE!… Read more

Summer Reading Program 2023 Finale Wednesday 8/2/23 @ 6 PM

We are very proud of our community of kids! They campaigned so hard to get as many Summer Reading registrations as possible in order to see Ms. Kathy in a unicorn onesie. Unfortunately, we didn’t quite reach our goal of 225 participants. While Ms. Kathy will not be rocking the onesie on FOUR Wacky Wednesdays, she has decided that in the spirit of All Together Now’s theme of kindness and… Read more

All Together BUBBLES w/ Melissa Bornmann (All ages): Monday, 7/31/23 @ 6 PM

Join us for a spectacular bubble show! You will be amazed at the shapes, sizes and quantities of bubbles! It’s time for some bubble love to connect with the summer theme of kindness, friendship, and unity. Melissa has spent the last few years building her vast collection of bubble props to bring you an unforgettable experience. About the Artist: Melissa is an entertainer, actor, teacher, singer, and bubbleologist captivating audiences… Read more