Summer Reading EVENTS

Confused about what events your child can attend? Don’t you fret, we have a guide to our summer reading events.  All events are ordered from youngest to oldest in chronological order.  Want more information?  Just click the title of the event to be taken to a page with more details and a link to register for that event!

ALL events require registration.

Please adhere to our age requirements.  Please come in and register for the Summer Reading Program as a WHOLE,  then register for each individual event that your child would like to attend.


Events for ALL AGES:

6/25/14 @ 6:30pm FIZZ BOOM ‘Mousetrap Science’ with Jungle Jim KICK-OFF

6/30/14 @ 6:30pm Big Truck Night!

7/16/14 @ 6:30pm FIZZ BOOM Science Isn’t Always Pretty  AT ATKINSON ACADEMY

7/31/14 @ 6:30pm FIZZ BOOM The Element of Surprise Animal Defenses’

8/7/14 @6:30pm Summer Reading FINALE! Featuring The Squeezebox Stompers & ice cream sundaes!


Events for ages 3-7:

7/3/14 @4:00pm IGNITE Slime!

7/30/14 @ 1:30pm IGNITE Celestial Ice Cream!


Events for grades K-5:

7/7/14 @ 6:30pm FIZZ BOOM It’s Gumdrop Construction Time!

7/10/14 @ 6:30pm FIZZ BOOM Lava Lamps!

7/14/14 @ 6:30pm FIZZ BOOM Build That Sound!

7/17/14 @ 6:30pm FIZZ BOOM Tie Dye!

7/23/14 @ 6:30pm FIZZ BOOM Where Your Food Comes From (Grade 6 welcome, also)

7/24/14 @ 6:30pm FIZZ BOOM Balloon Science!

7/28/14 @ 6:30pm FIZZ BOOM That Crazy Sock Catapult!


PLEASE, take a look at our ‘SRP 2014’ video and share it with your kids!  SRP VIDEO 2014


Events for ages 10-19:

7/8/14 @ 6:30pm SPARK an LED Throwie

7/9/14 @ 6:30pm ‘SPARK’ a ‘Code Orange’ Discussion

7/15/14 @ 6:30pm SPARK a Candle

7/22/14 @ 6:30pm SPARK A Crime

7/29/14 @ 6:30pm SPARK A Circuit


PLEASE, take a look at our ‘SPARK A REACTION’ video and share it with the t/weens in your life!  SPARK A REACTION VIDEO