SECRET WORLD OF BUBBLES with Keith Michael Johnson: Wednesday, June 19th 6:30-7:30pm @ATKINSON ACADEMY (Register All Ages)

As featured on the Discovery Channel, USA Today, Real Simple Family, American Profile, National Geographic TV…  You can learn a lot from a bubble.

Keith Johnson’s BUBBLEOLOGY—The Secret World of Bubbles is packed with state-of-the-art bubble sculptures that snare the attention of your audience.  The science behind the magic unfolds like a mystery, making this show both educational and unforgettable.

How lucky are we that liquids, solids & gasses, geometry, history, tension, pressure, soap films etc all relate directly to the curriculum of K-5th grade students?  From encasing a dinosaur and then a kid in a bubble to crafting a glistening fog-filled Eiffel Tower, these sculptures are full of memorable science lessons.

The world around us is a fascinating place.  Science and art allow us to explore the world in meaningful ways.

REGISTER *ALL AGES* for BUBBLES, please.  Concepts are geared for ages 5 and up.

Bubbles are always, all at once,  everything they could possibly be. ~Keith Johnson

Want a sneak preview?

This is a ‘UNIVERSE OF STORIES’ summer reading event being held at ATKINSON ACADEMY and sponsored by THE ELIZABETH SMITH ESTATE.