Photography Course with Eva McDermott (Registration Required) @ 12:30 starting Thursday, 9/21/23

Are you interested in expanding your photography skills? Sign up for this four-week program designed to help you build confidence in creating and capturing great photographic images using a DSLR or advanced mirrorless camera.

The class will be hands-on so come join us and bring an adventurous heart, creative spirit and your camera. Registration is limited. We will be meeting inside and sometimes outside,weather permitting.


Week 1 – September 21 – Getting to know your camera: You will learn about basic camera settings such as ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and what situations are best for using aperture priority, shutter speed priority, and program modes. Other topics that will be covered include controlling depth of field, camera focus modes, use of telephoto, wide angle, and macro lenses and settings, and what affects image quality?

Week 2 – September 28 – Photographic approach to different subjects will be discussed (people, landscapes, natural abstracts, macro, architecture), as well as Rules of Composition, Breaking the Rules, Visual Design and the Art of Seeing (advice from my favorite photographers).

Week 3 – October 5 – The Quality of Light: Ambient, Flash, Special Lighting Situations, Light and Shadow Play, Storm Light, Forest Light, Coastal Light, Sunrise and Sunset will be covered. The use of graduated filters to balance the lighting in a scene will be discussed and demonstrated as well as the use of polarizers and neutral density filters, and In Camera Special Effects (motion blur, coated filters).

Week 4 – October 12 – Processing Basics and resources, RAW vs. JPEG, Black and White, cropping and effect on image quality, special effects, HDR (high dynamic range processing). Enhancing the artistic appeal of your photographs. Presentation of your photographs beyond posting on the web.

When registering please indicate your experience level and type of camera.  REGISTER HERE!

About the instructor: Photography has been Eva’s hobby and passion for many years. Her photographic journey began when as a teenager she bought first camera, a 35mm Minolta range finder. Much of her initial work was cityscapes near where she grew up near NYC and NJ. Having grown up in the urban landscape, she longed to spend more time in less crowded, natural spaces and thus developed a love for the outdoors, hiking and photographing. Her current focus is seascapes, landscapes, and nature abstracts using both film and digital cameras. She is a Landscape Gallery Moderator for Nature Photographers Network. You can view more of her fine art photography work at her website here.