Stellar Sweets, Chocolates in Space: Tuesday 8/6/19 (Register T/weens 10-19) @6:30PM

Did you know that chocolate has been a part of every Russian and American space voyage?  Did you know that astronauts recently did some experiments with chocolate to see if microgravity allowed for finer mixing of the ingredients?  T/weens will soon know this and more by joining Mike Cross (Department of Natural Sciences at Northern Essex Community College) as we explore the DELICIOUS topic of chocolate, a stellar sweet!
Admission requires bringing each t/ween to bring one type of ‘dipper’ for the fountain in quantities of 15 or more. Example of dippers—-marshmallows, hulled strawberries, bite-sized fruits like cantaloupe or honey dew melon, teddy grahams, oreos, nilla wafers, sponge cake, granola bars,  biscotti, rice krispie treats, grapes, lady fingers, orange segments.  USE YOUR IMAGINATION.  Please remember that the item you bring should be in dipping size before you arrive.  Thank you!
Preregistration is required and youth should be age 10 or at a minimum entering grade 5 in the fall.
PRESENTER – Mike Cross Instructor of Chemistry at Northern Essex Community College (and Atkinson resident).Before coming to Northern Essex, Mike was an instructor of chemistry and department chair at the College of Eastern Utah. Mike holds a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Utah where he specialized in oxidative lesions in DNA and RNA.Since most everyone loves chocolate, teens will be interested to know why it’s good for them, how much is healthy, and what kinds they should eat.  Mike’s presentations include magic tricks!

This is a ‘UNIVERSE OF STORIES’ summer reading event sponsored by THE FRIENDS OF KIMBALL LIBRARY.

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