Outta this World Ice Cream & Animals: Wednesday 7/31/19 (ALL AGES) @6:30PM *It’s ON Rain or Shine*

We will use creative space if it’s stormy out.  Please come bearing patience.  🙂
Summer reading participants and their families are invited to enjoy our annual ice cream sundae extravaganza! Summer reading participants will have first dibs on the sundae line, and then other guests are welcome to join them. 
After you make your sundae … McDonny’s Farm will bring along a cool petting farm, which includes bantam chickens, assorted ducks, mini lop & rex bunnies, and the most friendliest goat or lamb.  All animals are between 2 – 5 months old and are kept very clean.  They are very friendly, clean and loveable for the children to enjoy.  We set up separate pens for the animals, so the kids can go inside and pat and also interact with the animals. 
https://www.mcdonnysfarm.com to peek at McDonny’s website

This is a ‘UNIVERSE OF STORIES’ summer reading event sponsored by THE FRIENDS OF KIMBALL LIBRARY.

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