NH Ladybug Picture Books 2015

Over by our E Non-Fiction books in the Children’s Room, you may have seen a table with some books on it covered in ladybugs.  Don’t worry, the library isn’t being taken over by those adorable red creatures.  However, they do signify something quite important.  The NH Ladybug Book Nominees for 2014 have been RELEASED!

What is the Ladybug Book Award?

According to the Ladybug Award website, “The Ladybug Picture Book Award is designed to promote early literacy and honor the best in recent children’s picture books. A committee of children’s librarians from around the state selects 10 picture book titles early in the year. Then, during November, New Hampshire children from preschoolers to those in third grade choose the award winner. The winning picture book is announced at the end of the year. The author and illustrator of the winning book will receive a crystal award created by Pepi Herrmann Crystal. ”

How do I see the nominees?

Well friends, you just follow me right over to this link right here.

What is the criteria to be nominated?

  1. The book must have been published (in the current edition) in the past three years.
  2. It cannot have been nominated previously.
  3. The author and illustrator must both reside in the United States.
  4. The book must have strong child appeal.
  5. It must also have “artistic quality with text that supports the illustrations.”

How does one vote for this?

Voting is run by the school and takes place during the school year.