Magic ROCKS with Peter Boie! (Magic for the Non-Believer @ATK ACADEMY CAF) Register ALL for Wed, Aug 1, @6:30 PM

peterboieDue to impending storms, both the workshop (5:15 PM for registered age-appropriate youth only) and the magic show (6:30 PM) will be held at the ATKINSON ACADEMY CAFETERIA. Please, for the show, arrive no earlier than 6:15 because the workshop is taking place in the same space and we can’t let you in until it’s over.


We apologize for the inconvenience and Mother Nature. Thank you for your cooperation.

60 minutes of belief-challenging, wonderment-enhancing, imagination-inducing, harmonica-appearing, reality-altering,destiny-predicting, ghost-contacting, magic show that will make you gasp in awe, laugh ’til it hurts, and inspire your imagination!

Belief Optional.

This event will be held at Atkinson Academy if we have inclement weather.


This show was paid for by The Friends of the Kimball Library.