Founding Fathers: What Were They Thinking? (NH Humanities) Registration Requested @ 6:30pm on Thursday, 5/9/2019

In 1787, delegates gathered in Philadelphia to address a wide variety of crises facing the young United States of America, and produced a charter for a new government. In modern times, competing political and legal claims are frequently based on what those delegates intended. Mythology about the founders and their work at the 1787 Convention has obscured both fact and legitimate analysis of the events leading to the agreement called the Constitution. Richard Hesse explores the cast of characters called “founders,” the problems they faced, and the solutions they fashioned.

Richard Hesse, Professor Emeritus at the UNH School of Law, has published on a variety of legal and ethical topics.  Hesse has been an advocate for civil and human rights for more than 45 years and was twice awarded the Bill of Rights Award by the NH Civil Liberties Union.

This program is free and open to the public.  Help us plan accordingly by registering to attend by clicking (HERE).

This program is sponsored by the NH Humanities and the Atkinson Historical Society.