Featured Artist ~ Paul Arsenault ~ Photography on display throughout July 2023

My love for photography began when I purchased a Pentax 35mm film camera in my early 20’s to photograph my growing family and adventures while hiking, birding, sailing and traveling. Studying photography led to my building a home darkroom and purchasing medium and large format cameras. The majority of my darkroom efforts was in creating black and white and Cibachrome prints.

My first digital camera allowed me to view my pictures online and print them on an inkjet printer. With this new technology, I scanned my 35mm slides, other negatives and transparencies. I continue to use my darkroom to process black and white 4X5 negatives for scanning and printing. My interest in landscapes, especially fall foliage, nature abstracts and old structures continues.

Many of my prints are from scanned slides, some 120 and 4X5 black and white and color prints and a few original Cibachrome prints. I hope you will enjoy the exhibit as much as I have enjoyed preparing it for you.

Paul Arsenault