Choose Your Own Adventure Club: Mondays @ 5pm (Gr 1-5)

This is not your regular story time. Because in this story time, YOU decide what happens!

We’ll meet the abominable snowman, get launched into space, and face off against deadly ninjas, and YOU will get to decide if we ever make it out. Each week, Miss Daniele will read a chapter over Zoom and each page or so, the group will get a chance to decide between two options that will either move the adventure forward, or end in almost certain doom! Grown ups will probably remember these books and how much fun they are. We’ll aim to finish a book a month.




Everyone who signs up to listen to the story and Choose Their Own Adventure will also get an Adventurer’s Passport. Each book we finish reading together (or on your own) will earn you a stamp in your passport. If you fill up your passport with 9 stamps, you can mail it off to receive a special prize pack straight from the Choose Your Own Adventure Headquarters. For more information and to download your own Adventurer’s Passport, click HERE.