CBD 101: Demystifying CBD ~ (Registration Required) @ 6:30 on 1/30/2020

There has been a lot of information lately about CBD. Deborah A. Fudge, D.C. & Doug Fryday, D.C. will be discussing:

What is CBD?
The history of hemp.
Why is there so much stigma around CBD?
Hemp vs Marijuana – what’s the difference?
The Endocannabinoid System.
What is Endocannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome?

About the presenters: Dr. Deb Fudge and Dr. Doug Fryday are wellness lifestyle experts who have been in practice since 1986. Dr. Deb is a family Chiropractor and Dr. Doug specializes in brain-based chiropractic with a special interest in how stress affects your brain and ultimately your life. He is the creator of the InsideOut Lifestyle Soulutions™ program and the InsideOut Apps which are a series of stress management tools. He is a certified Bio & Neurofeedback Therapist, an Interactive Metronome therapist and is also certified in Heartmath heart rate variability training.

Following the presentation, they will have time for Q&A. Registration is required to attend this program. Please click here to register.