Category: T/ween Summer Reading

Build an Automated Robot: Thursday June 22nd 6:30PM (Register Grades K-5)

Teamwork! Engineering 101! Critical Thinking! STEM! We will be challenging kids to work in groups to read instructions, use basic materials and build a mini-robot that has REAL functionality! Once they have built their robots and tested them out together, they can add decorations and make a presentation to the larger group. Robots will be on display in the library for the summer. Please register kids entering grades K-5 in… Read more

BUILD A Better BOOK CLUB with T/weens (Grades 5 and Up) ‘Wonder’: Wed, July 5, 2017 6:30-7:30PM

Wonder is the funny, sweet and incredibly moving story of Auggie Pullman. Auggie wants to be an ordinary ten-year-old, but he is far from ordinary. Born with a terrible facial deformity, this shy, bright ten-year-old has been home-schooled by his parents for his whole life, in an attempt to protect him from the stares and cruelty of the outside world. Now, for the first time, Auggie is being sent to… Read more

‘Summer Reading FINALE with Line Dancing & Sundaes’ – Thurs, 08/04/16 @ 6-8pm (Register ALL Ages)

ON your MARK, GET SET, it’s time to PAR-TAY for the closure of summer reading! Pack up a picnic and the kiddos.  Bring a light supper to share with your family in the courtyard, learn some western line dancing with Gail Eaton and friends, and we’ll be serving delicious ice cream sundaes with a variety of great toppings at the break. Register the entire family so we have enough ice… Read more

‘HULA HOOPING (at library) with Pinto Bella’ – Mon, July 18 @ 5-6pm (Ages 5-10) OR 6:30-7:30pm (Ages 10-19)

To start off the program, Pinto Bella speaks about the emotional, physical, and social benefits of hula hooping, describes the different types of hula hoops and their purposes, gives a brief history of the hula hoop, and tells audiences about her own journey with the hoop. During programs for preschool or early elementary age levels, Pinto starts the program by reading ‘Veda’s Victory’, a book by Allison Avalon about a… Read more

‘July T/ween Book Discussion’ – Weds, July 6 @ 6:30-7:30pm (Register Grades 5-Up)

‘An award-winning and inspiring novel.  When Jessica’s dreams are shattered, she puts herself back together—and learns to dream bigger than ever before.’ Book of the Month: ‘The Running Dream’ by Wendelin Van Draanen We combined the tween (grades 5-7) and teen (grades 8-12) in the summer for one awesome time of candy and chat.  The summer reading theme is GET IN THE GAME, and this book exemplifies how to get… Read more

‘T/ween *ZUMBA w/ Michelle Collins’ – Wed, June 29 @ 6:30pm, Register entering grades 5 & Up

Come to the ultimate dance fitness party! Hey t/weens– get the boost you to need to soar tomorrow. Let loose and begin your journey to a healthy future with ZUMBA and GET IN THE GAME with t/ween summer reading activities. Get in the groove and MOVE with your friends! Michelle Collins is a certified ZUMBA, ZUMBA Kids and ZUMBA Kids Jr instructor with 3 years of ZUMBA experience and over… Read more

FRISBEE w/ Todd Brodeur’ – Wed, July 13 @ 6:30pm at ATKINSON ACADEMY GYM (Register Grades 3 & Up)

WE LOWERED THE AGE TO ACCOMMODATE MORE KIDS! Two-time Freestyle Frisbee Champion, Todd Brodeur, educates, entertains and motivates his audience with captivating Frisbee shows and interactive playshops. He promotes staying active throughout your life by playing disc sports. He focuses on healthy lifestyles, creativity, flexibility and balance, all aimed at improving self-esteem and confidence. World Class Frisbee Shows and Playshops teaches the next generation new ways to learn Frisbee skills… Read more

‘Basketball Entertainment with Champion Ilze Luneau’ – Weds, 07/27/16 @ 6:30-7:15pm (Register ALL Ages)

You will be amazed with never before seen basketball ball-handling tricks with three, four, five, and six basketballs.  Ilze Luneau dribbles, juggles and spins basketballs on a balance board, and using other props to music and dance.  Volunteers may get to spin 1, 2 and 5 or 6 basketballs at once, eat a pudding while a ball spins on a spoon, etc.   Ilze is the first person (male or… Read more