Category: Children’s Services

Brown Bag Book Club Monday, January 24- 5:30-6:30pm

What do you think of THIS librarian! If you’re in 2nd or 3rd grades you can come! Register now and pick up the book to get started. Bring your supper in a bag and talk about the book with all your friends. We’ve got the drinks and dessert.… Read more

4th & 5th Grade Book Group -Jan. 18

Tuesday, 5:30-6:30pm bring supper in a bag and hear what your friends say about ‘Found’ by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Register online or in person.  Books are available at the children’s desk. A great read so don’t miss it! The library provides drinks and dessert.… Read more

The Book Group for Grades 4 & 5 – Tues. Nov. 16, 5:30-6:30pm

The Dry Creek Middle School drinking fountain has sprung a leak, and so begins a funny book in letters, cards, all collected by Mr. Sam N.’s fifth-grade class in “Regarding the Fountain” by Kate Klise. Read about the building of the new fountain and see the project take a life of its own! Bring your food, we’ve got the dessert and drinks!… Read more

How to Train Your Dragon (Saturday, October 23 @ 10:30am)

We are the Saturday saviors for your kids ages 6 and up.  We’ll occupy them with a movie and fun in our large meeting room while you shop, catch up on housework, fix the car, read a book — or just enjoy the peace and quiet.  Please send them with movie snacks and spill-proof beverages.  Pillows are also welcome if they prefer to sprawl out rather than sit in chairs. … Read more