Black Bears in New Hampshire – 6 PM on Thursday, 3/7/24

Although black bears are generally shy and usually avoid humans, they are opportunistic and will search for human food supplies when natural foods are not available. Maintaining a sustainable bear population in New Hampshire depends on minimizing human-bear conflicts. Join us to learn about the natural history of the black bear, current research taking place and how the information learned will affect management of the black bear population. The presentation will discuss a brief history of wildlife in NH, and the Wildlife & Sport Fish Restoration Program.

Bryan Rome is a volunteer Wildlife Steward for NH Fish & Game. Bryan provides educational talks about the state’s wildlife, how people interact with wildlife and how to conserve our natural species. In his personal life, he is an avid outdoors-man who studied Wilderness Leadership in college.


This event is sponsored by the Atkinson Conservation Commission as part of their 50th celebration and hosted at the Kimball Library.