Turn it On! (Tech Tutorials)

Tech THIS out!  If you have an e-reader or gadget that you want to learn how to use with free downloadable books, then we can help you.  You can have a brief lesson here called “Turn it On!” on your tech toy (Kindle, iPad, iPod, cell phone or other device compatible with Overdrive/Libby App) and learn how to put a free library e-book on it.  This is a basic tutorial for newbies. 

 Are you looking for some place to get help and to learn more about your device(s)? Get troubleshooting assistance, learn how to use your device(s), and discover the latest library apps, news, and online services!

Please register for an appointment.   Do you have questions regarding what you should bring?  Ask for Kathy Watson (tech toy technician) at (603) 362-5234.  (These tutorials are for resident card holders in good standing only, please.) Email kwatson@kimballlibrary.com for a unique appointment time. 

Brief tutorials are also available for basic computer instructions such as setting up email, social media, etc.  When you register for a lesson please indicate your need.