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Imagine That Book Club: (Gr 3-5) Thursday July 23rd @ 6:30pm

Meet up on Zoom to hang out and chat about this awesome book: Isle of the Lost by Melissa deLa Cruz, but you may know it better as “the first Descendants book”. Meet up with Mal, Evie, and all their friends as they find their way off the Isle of the Lost. We highly recommend reading this book on our digital app HOOPLA! It is available as an e-book and… Read more

Universe Space Mission Mon, July 22nd @ 6:30pm (Register Grades K-5)

SRP 2019 LOGO for posters         A Universe of Stories Summer Reading Program. Have you ever dreamed of soaring out of this atmosphere? Do you want to know what it would be like to pretend to be an astronaut, co pilot, payload specialist, or NASA communications controller? Join us for a simulated space mission to the moon and back. Decorate your NASA ID tag, practice your specific role, and then ‘blast off’… Read more

A Universe of Aliens: July 8, 2019 @ 6:30 PM (Register Grades K-5)

This program was created by a LibrALIEN! Join us for all things alien… alien jokes alien tales alien SLIME… and write a letter to an alien. Don’t be spaced out, join us for a alien-tastic evening!   Please register kids entering Kindergarten through 5th grade in the fall of 2019.   REGISTER HERE… Read more

STEM Engineering Lab: Wed, July 3rd 3:30 PM-5:30 PM (Register All Ages)

IMG_3354             Join us for some time exploring, building and creating with our STEM building supplies. Whether you’re a pro at science, technology, engineering and math or you are just being introduced, you’ll love expanding your brain power with our magnetic tiles, brain flakes, KEVA planks and marble runs. Anyone under 3 must be supervised by an adult in the room at all times due to… Read more

‘BUILD A BETTER WORLD’ Registration links for all activities below! (Registration NOW!)

  Welcome to the 2017 Summer Reading Program! This year’s theme for youth is Build a Better World! Please come in and register for the Summer Reading Program as a whole STARTING JUNE 1st,  then register for each individual event that you would like to attend.  HOVER AND HIT THE LINKS IN RED. June 1-Rolling REGISTRATION begins (Entering grade K—college) Start participating. Sign up for some events! Build a Better… Read more

Cactus Head PUPPETS: Wed, July 12th 6:30-7:30PM (Register All Ages)

Join us for some puppet theater! Known for their playful performance style, exuberant creativity, and ability to make their audiences laugh, CactusHead Puppets will be performing a comedic, updated adaption of the traditional folktale ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’. The Town of Hamelin has a rat problem, and there’s only one person who can help. Not only does the town find a musical solution to pest control, but the kids… Read more

BE A COMIC ARTIST with Marek Bennett: Tuesday, July 11th 6:00-8:00PM (Grades 5 and Up)

Join NH teaching artist Marek Bennett’s COMICS WORKSHOP to learn how cartoonists build entire worlds and universes out of the simplest possible materials!  Using only blank pages, pencils, ink, and four basic ‘building blocks” of stories, we’ll craft dynamic characters and rich settings, and bring them to life in comics panels, strips, and pages.  We’ll also look at how artists and authors use peer feedback to improve their work, and… Read more

BUILD a Better JUGGLER: Wed, August 2. 2017 7:15-8:00PM (Workshop T/weens Ages 9-19)

Professional juggler and touring performer Steve Corning will provide a fun, high-energy juggling demo, followed by hands-on instruction and lessons for all skill types.  Juggling is not only a great skill to break out a party, it also can become an exhilarating hobby, and it’s a healthy exercise for both the body and mind! Register t/weens ages 9-19. We are aiming for t/weens to have this time to themselves after… Read more

JUGGLING, COMEDY, & VARIETY with Steve Corning! Wed, August 2nd 6:30-7:15PM (Register All) INSIDE

Welcome to New England!  Steve has decided the show will be inside. Steve Corning has brought his unique brand of variety arts and off-beat comedy to theaters and resorts across the country and even internationally.  Steve’s one-man variety extravaganza features fast-paced juggling routines, mind-blowing escape artistry, contortion, comedy magic, and nearly endless amazing side show stunts.  If you’re looking for non-stop entertainment and laughs for the whole family, this is… Read more

BUILD A BETTER SUNDAE and MORE!: Wed, July 26, 2017 6:30-7:30PM (Register All Ages)

Registered summer reading participants and their guests are invited to join us for ice cream sundaes.  We will have a myriad of toppings for you to choose from so you can ‘build a better sundae’.  Come at 6:30pm and after you build your sundae you can stay and build some other structures for sport. ALL ages need to register so we will have enough ice cream and toppings.  Thank you!… Read more