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Unlaunch’d Voices: An Evening with Walt Whitman ~ NH Humanities and Atkinson Historical Society ~ (Registration Requested) at 6:30 on Thursday 6/20/2019

waltwhitmanNHHumanitiesThis program opens with the elderly Whitman on the evening of his seventieth birthday. The audience is a visitor in his room as he prepares for his birthday celebration. Whitman begins to reminisce during the telling. He transforms into his young vibrant self and we begin to trace back with him the experiences that led to the creation of Leaves Of Grass, his lifetime work. The first part of the… Read more

Global Banjar: International Voices in Antebellum Banjo Music ~ New Hampshire Humanities (Registration Requested) @ 6:30 on Thursday 5/30/2019

Global BanjarThe Hardtacks (Marek Bennett and Woody Pringle) deliver an engaging overview of global politics prior to the American Civil War through the lens of early banjo music. Between 1820 and 1860, the banjo transformed from a slave instrument found only on Southern plantations to an international pop phenomenon: songs and playing techniques carried far and wide in the emerging global economy, from the streets of New York’s Five Points slum… Read more

Ten Hours Until Dawn with Michael Tougias ~ NH Humanities and Atkinson Recreation (Registration Requested) @ 6:30, Wed. 6/5/19

During the Ten Hoursheight of the Blizzard of 1978 the pilot boat Can Do, with five men onboard, set out from Gloucester to assist a lost Coast Guard boat and an oil tanker that was in a Mayday situation. Ten Hours Until Dawn tells the story of what happened on that awful night when the seas were producing monstrous waves of 40 feet and the wind was screaming at 100 miles… Read more

Founding Fathers: What Were They Thinking? (NH Humanities) Registration Requested @ 6:30pm on Thursday, 5/9/2019

In 1787, delegates gathered in Philadelphia to address a wide variety of crises facing the young United States of America, and produced a charter for a new government. In modern times, competing political and legal claims are frequently based on what those delegates intended. Mythology about the founders and their work at the 1787 Convention has obscured both fact and legitimate analysis of the events leading to the agreement called… Read more

Exemplary Country Estates of New Hampshire with Cristina Ashjian (NH Humanities) – Registration Requested @ 6:30, Thurs. 3/28/2019

NHhumanitiesExemplaryCountryEstatesIn the early 20th century, the New Hampshire Board of Agriculture launched a program to boost the rural economy and promote tourism through the sale of abandoned farms to summer residents. After introducing the country house movement, Cristina Ashjian focuses attention on some of the great country estates featured in the New Hampshire program between 1902 and 1913. Which private estates were recognized as exemplary, and who were their owners?… Read more

Discovering New England Stone Walls with Kevin Gardner ~ (NH Humanities) Registration requested @ 6:30 PM, Thursday 10/18/18

Why are we so fascinated with stone walls?  Find out as we welcome back  Kevin Gardner, author of The Granite Kiss. Join us as Kevin Gardner explains how and why New England came to acquire its thousands of miles of stone walls, the ways in which they and other dry stone structures were built, how their styles emerged and changed over time and their significance to the famous New England… Read more

Angling in the Smile of the Great Spirit with Hal Lyon (NH Humanities) @ 6:30, Thursday, 9/20/2018 (Registration Requested)

fly-fishing-474090_640Anyone who ever posted a Gone Fishin’ sign on the door during business hours will appreciate this native fisherman’s glimpse into the habits, rituals, and lore of some of the more colorful members of the not-so-exclusive ‘Liars’ Club.’ Hal Lyon shares tales, secrets, folklore, and history of fishing in New Hampshire’s big lakes, especially Lake Winnipesaukee which translates into ‘Smile of the Great Spirit.’ About the presenter: Hal Lyon is… Read more

New Hampshire Roads Taken or Not with Steve Taylor (Atkinson Historical Society) Registration Requested @ 6:30 PM Thurs, 10/11/2018

roads takenFollowing World War II, New Hampshire embarked on an extensive program of constructing new highways and improving existing roads to accommodate explosive growth in passenger vehicles and the need for better infrastructure to accommodate commercial traffic. Hundreds of millions in federal, state, and local tax dollars would be expended on this initiative over the second half of the 20th century and road construction would become an enduring part of the… Read more

New England Quilts and the Stories They Tell with Pamela Weeks (NH Humanities) – Registration Requested @ 6:30, Thurs. 9/27/2018

NHquiltQuilts tell stories, and quilt history is full of myths and misinformation as well as heart-warming tales of service and tradition. Nearly every world culture that has cold weather uses quilted textiles-quilting is NOT just an American art. Pam Weeks weaves world history, women’s history, industrial history and just plain wonderful stories into her presentation. Participants are invited to bring one quilt for identification and/or story sharing. Prompted in part… Read more

The Guitar in Latin America with José Lezcano ~ Monday, 4/30/2018 @ 6:30PM

Join us as José Lezcano presents a multi-media musical program that showcases the guitar in Latin America as an instrument that speaks many languages. Lezcano presents a variety of musical styles: indigenous strummers in ritual festivals from Ecuador, Gaucho music from Argentina, European parlor waltzes from Venezuela, and Afro-Brazilian samba-pagode. He also plays pieces by Villa-Lobos, Brouwer, Lauro, Barrios, Pereira, and examples from his Fulbright-funded research in Ecuador. This program… Read more