How Does DNA Help Your Genealogy Research ~ (Registration Required) @ 6:30 on 11/25/2019

DNA testidna2ng estimates the ‘degree of relatedness” between individuals rather than names in a tree. This talk will introduce how DNA can help the genealogist fill in family trees, confirm relationships, break down brick walls and suggest new directions for traditional genealogical research. A basic strategy to begin analyzing DNA for genealogy will be presented. The talk will cover admixture/ethnicity estimates, the basic biology and terminology used in analyzing the four types of DNA, a comparison of the 5 major DNA-testing companies with their match lists and basic analytical tools available at each (or not). Pedigree maps, chromosome browsers and basic color clustering to group families will be discussed. It will also introduce the wealth of online courses, blogs, webinars and genetic genealogy conferences available today.

About the presenter: Sandy Murray, PhD: After a career as a research cell biologist, Sandy now works with DNA in a genetic genealogy setting. She is particularly interested in helping genealogists who have received their ‘DNA results’ and ‘matches’ but have no idea how to work with them. Sponsored by the Friends of the Library.

Presented by the Friends of the Kimball Library. Registration is required.