Fairy Journal: (Grades 1-12)

Fairy Journal is a modified pen pal program run here at the Kimball Library. It is an ongoing program with no set time during the week where kids can participate. Kids, grades 1-12 are invited to participate, with the older kids being the fairies!

The younger kids who participate in this program are going to receive a journal that is going to be kept at the library. Once a week, preferably Monday, these kids will put an entry into their journal to write to a fairy that is coming to the library later in the week!

Once the younger kids have put their entry into their journals, the older kids, the “fairies”, will come into the library later in the week and write a message back to the younger buddies. Their real identities will be a secret to the child they are writing to, and their journal entries will be written as their fairy persona!

All journals will be provided by the Kimball Library and stored at the library.

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