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MAGICAL Kick-Off Event with Peter Boie (All Ages) June 17, 2020 @5:00 PM

The summer reading kick-off show will be magical and virtual! Be ready to be wowed by Peter Boie on Wednesday, June 17th, at 5 PM. Peter has been performing magic for 26 years and has undertaken a new challenge: bringing a magic show to you without ever leaving home, office or school. He has performed in person at Kimball Library in recent years, and this year will be a unique… Read more


Welcome to the 2019 Summer Reading Program! SRP 2019 LOGO for posters This year’s theme for youth is A UNIVERSE OF STORIES! Please come in and register for the ‘A UNIVERSE OF STORIES’ Summer Reading Program as a whole STARTING JUNE 5th,  then register for each individual event that you would like to attend.  HOVER AND HIT THE LINKS IN RED. June 5-Rolling REGISTRATION begins (Entering grade K—college) Start participating. Sign up for some events!… Read more

Outta this World COSMOS MAGIC w/SCOTT JAMESON: Wednesday 8/14/19 (ALL AGES) @6:30PM

Join magician and juggler Scott Jameson for an extraordinary performance that will have you laughing out loud and perched on the very edge of your seat.  Umbrellas will be plucked from thin air, a drawing will come to life, basketballs will be spun and juggled, and a member of the audience will unlock telekinetic abilities.    If the weather cooperates this event will be held in the COURTYARD.  Please bring blankets… Read more

OUTTA THIS WORLD ‘Gaming Galaxy’ August 7: (Register Ages 9 & Up) (6:00 pm to 7:30 pm)

GamingHeartCome for all or part of the time allotted for a galaxy of gaming choices. Youth will be divided up by ages (younger children will not be playing teen rated games). Some games will be happening in the children’s room and more mature game options may be happening in the meeting room. POSSIBILITIES may include Mario Kart, Rocket League, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Wii Party, Wii Sports, and more. Get… Read more

Stellar Sweets, Chocolates in Space: Tuesday 8/6/19 (Register T/weens 10-19) @6:30PM

Did you know that chocolate has been a part of every Russian and American space voyage?  Did you know that astronauts recently did some experiments with chocolate to see if microgravity allowed for finer mixing of the ingredients?  T/weens will soon know this and more by joining Mike Cross (Department of Natural Sciences at Northern Essex Community College) as we explore the DELICIOUS topic of chocolate, a stellar sweet! Admission… Read more

Outta this World Ice Cream & Animals: Wednesday 7/31/19 (ALL AGES) @6:30PM *It’s ON Rain or Shine*

We will use creative space if it’s stormy out.  Please come bearing patience.  🙂 Summer reading participants and their families are invited to enjoy our annual ice cream sundae extravaganza! Summer reading participants will have first dibs on the sundae line, and then other guests are welcome to join them.      After you make your sundae … McDonny’s Farm will bring along a cool petting farm, which includes bantam chickens, assorted… Read more

Outta this World Buttons & Badges: Tuesday 7/30/19 (Register T/weens 10+) @6:00PM

Come on in and make your own personalized buttons/badges with our brand new button machine! Show your love of your favorite sport team or cartoon character or use clever text to personalize your gear with buttons! Join us anytime between 6 and 7:30 to plan, design and then operate our button machine. Bring a friend or make one here. We’ll have fun either way.  Register t/weens ages 10 and up… Read more

Outta this World SHARPIE TIE-DYE: Tuesday 7/23/19 (Register T/weens 10+) @6:30PM

Decorate a t-shirt, socks, bandana, or any article of white clothing using unique template ideas.  Your design can be elaborate or just a modge-podge of dots depending on your mood and level of confidence.  ANYone (even the craft impaired) can do this and make an item look cool.   Register t/weens ages 10 and up or at a minimum entering grade 5 in the fall.  YOU MUST BRING a prewashed white… Read more

OUTTA THIS WORLD FORENSICS (We lowered the age restriction!): Tuesday, July 16, 2019 (Register Ages 8-18)

‘WHO STOLE THE MOON ROCK?’ 6:00PM-7:00PM, Ages 8-12 20 students with Mary Dawson.  An interactive story where children will learn about astronauts and life in space. They will explore different patterns of their own fingerprints using magnifying glasses, magnetic dusting powder and brushes, as well as the different types of DNA, where to find DNA on evidence and how to collect a sample.  The kids will take home an identification… Read more