Brown Bag Book Club (Grades 3 & 4) Thursday, November 21, 6:30-7:30pm

Last Holiday ConcertThe Brown Bag Book Club meets on the third Thursday of each month. Hope you’ll join in the fun reading at home, then coming to discuss the book with your friends! Registration is required and you’re welcome to bring a lunch in a bag. We always provide sweets and drinks. Why not give us a try?

Register now for November: The Last Holiday Concert by Andrew Clements.

Winterhope. It didn’t sound like much, but it was a big idea. A very big idea. It all started when Hart Evans zinged a rubber band that hit Mr. Meinert, the chorus director. Actually, it started before that, when Mr. Meinert learned he was out of a job because the town budget couldn’t afford music and art teachers. Mr. Meinert got so mad at Hart that he told the sixth graders he’d had it — they could produce the big holiday concert on their own. Or not. It was all up to them. What happens when a teacher steps aside and lets the kids run the show?