Book Bundles and Adventure Packs Now Available


There are some exciting new items in the Children’s Room!
Book Bundles are tote bags full of 6 picture books, a craft, and activity ideas to do at home all around a theme. Our themes include Music, Shapes, Froggies, Clothing, Pets, and more! Book Bundles are intended for children in Pre-K but anyone can enjoy them.

Adventure Packs are BRAND NEW drawstring packs themed around the beloved Magic Tree House Series. For anyone who hasn’t read them, each Magic Tree House book brings the siblings Jack and Annie to a different time and place where they explore history while trying to make it back home in one piece! Each pack holds one Magic Tree House book as well as 3 other titles that support the theme, as well as activity ideas to do at home. Adventure Packs are designed for kids in Grades 1-5.


Both the Book Bundles and the Adventure Packs are available for a regular 3 week check out. Crafts do not need to be returned, only the books and the bag. With any questions or to reserve a bundle for pick up, call (603) 362-5234 x2 or email



P.S. Have you signed up for 1000 Books Before Kindergarten? Our Book Bundles will help you reach your goal in no time! Check it out and register HERE.